About Us


Having run through our fair share of exercise tools and equipment, a common thing we found was products that just don't stand up to the wear and tear a real, tough, workout. 

So, we decided to start making our own products - products that are tough! Viking tough! Products that will stand up to the toughest workouts; rigorous sports; pushing to extreme limits, and still deliver their usefulness.

We started off with a product that really embodies this spirit - pushing the body to the limits. Kinesiology Tape. 

Sports and Gym training is a Battle, and to train hard and effectively without pains or injury you need KT Tape - also known as Kinesiology Tape, Muscle Tape, Sports Tape, Athletic Tape. But if you're Viking tough and training hard, it's "Battle Tape".

If you take working out, fitness and an active lifestyle seriously, quality equipment is a must! And that's what we deliver.

Family created and owned, we at ViQing Gear want people to have healthy and fit lifestyles. 



                                Philip Jepsen                                                     Marc Jepsen
                           Co-Founder & CFO                                         Co-Founder & CEO