Kinesiology Tape 3-Pack

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Kinesiology Tape 3-Pack: for Muscle Building, Sports, Athletic, Workout, Medical and Physical Therapy Taping, Pro Rock Climbing Support and Joint Pain Relief
  • VALUE PACK - Blue, Red and Black rolls each 15' long, perfect for applications for plantar fasciitis, elbow, back, ankle and shoulder support in gymnastics sport and games.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE - High quality kinesiology tape which provides full support and helps joints and muscles heal faster with proper taping and strapping
  • WATERPROOF AND SWEAT PROOF - Superior adhesive technology provides up to 3 days of use, wear and tear - No Latex - eBook provided to every customer
  • 15 FOOT ROLLS - We've got you covered. Cut your own lengths to perfectly fit your body. Each roll is 2 inches wide. Perfect for weights, home workout accessories, soccer knee support and more.
  • USE FOR RECOVERY - Exercise, Cross Fit, Boxing, Weight Training, Running, Tennis, Swimming, Cycling, Olympic games, etc

Why use ViQing Gear "BATTLE" Tape? ..... Because SPORTS AND GYM TRAINING IS A BATTLE, and to train hard and effectively without pains or injury you need Kinesiology Tape - also known as Muscle Tape, Sports Tape, Athletic Tape. If you're Viking tough and training hard, it's "Battle Tape".

Kinesiology Tape is widely used by CrossFit and Sports Athletes all over the world, and is used by chiropractors and sports coaches every day.

Kinesiology Tape is The Most Convenient and Cost Effective Physio Therapy Tool You'll Ever Find!


ViQing Gear Battle Tape is made to create a bio-mechanical lifting effect that raises skin away from the soft tissue underneath, permitting more blood circulation to the weak areas and thus speeding up recovery time.

It also supports joints during exercise - or viking raids - so that everything stays in place.

ViQing Gear Battle Tape has been created with the very best adhesion and water-proof technology to provide maximum adhesion without pain when taking it off.

FREE EBOOK WITH EVERY PURCHASE - we provide many best-practice taping techniques so you can get right into your workout battle! With Three Rolls of 15 feet long Muscle Tape, you don't have to worry about running out!

ORDER NOW and have a great battle - erm - workout!


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