X Marks The Spot – The Easiest Way To Apply Kinesiology Tape

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X Marks The Spot – The Easiest Way To Apply Kinesiology Tape

Anyone who has had a sporting injury or involved in an incident that has caused muscle and/or tendon damage will appreciate how painful this can be. It’s not just the initial injury that’s the problem; it’s also the road to recovery.

Any musculoskeletal damage requires time to heal properly and this usually means plenty of rest and immobilization. Yet, this isn’t easy when you have life to live. Hence, more people are using Kinesiology Tape. However, not everyone is confident in applying this tape for the first time, which is why the “X-Marks the Spot” technique is the best option.

This is the simplest and most effective way to support an injury and help it heal.

1. Cut a piece of Kinesiology Tape that is long enough to extend past the site of injury.

2. Stretch the tissue/muscle in the injured area that requires taping as much as possible without causing too much pain.

3. Apply the tape in a line parallel with the injured tissue, with no stretch at the start and end, while stretching in between.

4. Using another shorter piece of Kinesiology Tape, apply it roughly perpendicular to the first strip across the most painful spot. Again, it should be stretched slightly in the centre and un-stretched at the ends.

5. Rub both pieces of tape to ensure that they are secure and leave in place for up to five days.

The “X-Marks the Spot” technique is the easiest way to apply Kinesiology Tape with confidence. This is a straightforward method and depending on the location of the injury, this tape can usually be applied independently.