Why Buy Professional-Grade Kinesiology Tape

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Why Buy Professional-Grade Kinesiology Tape

The number of athletes and non-athletes using kinesiology tape to help treat their injuries continues rising. It’s been around for many years but exploded in popularity following recent Olympics as people saw their favorite athletes sporting colorful strips of tape. Kinesio tape is now a standard favorite with trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and indeed patients.

But not all k-tape brands are equal. There are some inferior quality products out there that don’t do the job properly and it’s likely that any stories you hear from people saying k-tape didn’t help are due to them using inferior tape.

Be sure you always use professional grade kinesiology tape. It can drastically improve the success of your treatment. It’s also far more reliable.

Pre-Cut Strips

The best quality kinesiology tape comes in rolls. Pre-cut strips and shapes can be more of a marketing ploy, appealing to ‘convenience’. Buy k-tape by the roll because that will give you freedom to cut it differently and vary how you apply/arrange it. Often the rolled tape has better integrity in its cotton weave, which makes it more consistent and effective. Pre-cut strips can tend to be weaker, thus causing you to spend more money than you should.

Stickiness and Integrity

Professional grade tape is formulated with athletes and active people in mind. It’s made from higher quality materials, meaning it maintains its properties for longer. Good quality kinesiology tape can be applied, moved and reapplied easily. Why? Because the adhesive maintains its stickiness, not only to itself but also to your skin, even withstanding perspiration. But if the adhesive begins to wear off, the tape loses its benefit to you. What a waste of money. The last thing you want for your injury is a tape that weakens, tears or starts to lift off within a short time.

Skin Reaction

Cheaper, inferior tapes have adhesives that can cause skin irritation, even allergic reactions. Professional grade kinesiology tape is made with high-grade hypoallergenic materials, including natural cotton, and contains no latex. Look for it to display the words that it is latex-free.


While reliable adhesion is important, you don’t want skin cells pulled off when you remove the tape. If people complain of skin irritation and pain when taking kinesio tape off, you can be pretty certain they were using a lesser product – one that was designed without removal in mind. Problems are caused when adhesive is ridged in the same way the cotton weave is ridged. These ridges pull hard at the skin. You need a tape with a uniformly even adhesive that will lift away from skin easily and yet still maintain its stickiness for immediate reapplication.

Flexibility & Strength

If your k-tape isn’t strong and also flexible, it’s just tape. Flexible means it can be stretched multiple times during activity and keep returning to normal without losing integrity. Professional tape is manufactured for serious action – like Olympic athletes – and is intended to continue providing benefits throughout vigorous activity.

 So, you see, the adage is correct: you get what you pay for. Professional grade kinesiology tape bought by the roll is the only choice for athletes and active people with soft tissue injuries.

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