Using Kinesiology Tape To Stop Swelling

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Using Kinesiology Tape To Stop Swelling

Bruising and swelling of the body is not only painful and unsightly, it can also be dangerous. The medical term for swelling is edema and it is caused by fluid build-up in a localized area. It can be caused by trauma initiated by surgery, medical conditions such as diabetes, or injury. Sometime women experience swelling of the legs and feet during pregnancy.

Severe swelling (known as lymphedema) is very dangerous and caused by blockage, damage or removal of lymph nodes or lymphatic vessels. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is an example of lymphedema that is potentially deadly.

There are different home remedies for swelling, including applying compression garments or bandages, lymphatic drainage massage, and elevation of the affected body part. These treatments can be effective, although their results are often short-term and usually the swelling will return. Also, compression strapping can be uncomfortable and impede circulation if applied incorrectly or for extended time periods.

There is a simpler alternative: Kinesiology Tape. This is a comfortable, easy and effective treatment for swelling. There is a special technique called fan tapping that gently elevates the skin above the affected area. The negative pressure caused by this technique allows the lymphatic vessels to effectively drain the excessive fluid. This fan tapping application is usually applied for between three and five days at a time. During this time the swelling will dissipate and healing will commence.

Most people can effectively apply Kinesiology Tape without assistance. However, if not confidence using this tape, it's recommend that guidance is sought from a medical professional. It’s important to get the technique right for the best healing benefits.